Like to self reflect, create, drink tea, eat fruit, listen to soul/R&B/jazz, all while learning in the company of like-minded beings/fellow artists?
Then these classes are definitely meant for you.
Check the listing below to see which is the best fit!

1.) COLOR THEORY- Beginner’s Class
12PM or 6PM
(This is the first of a 3-part class and yes, you are more than welcome to buy individual tickets!)
*Designed for those with little to no painting experience - a nice fit for those who haven’t really painted before and are looking to start*
 A 2.5 hour watercolor class where we will casually play with paint and discuss the incredible role that color plays in our lives. We are all drawn to specific colors, some of them even repel us! During this class, not only will we think about why that is but we’ll also explore the psychological/spiritual power of intentionally bringing these colors into the spaces around us. Once we become more comfortable with the materials, we will finish the class by painting our own customized moons!
--- All materials are provided for ---​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

2.) STILL LYFE - Intermediate Class
(This is the second of a 3-part class)
*Designed for those with some painting experience - a great place for those hoping to improve upon the experience they have*
A 2.5 hour watercolor/ mixed media class where we will draw & paint various fruit from life (painters are encouraged to bring their own favorite fruits for reference/snacking if you please). Painting from life is a beautiful way to strengthen an artist's perception. This class is all about depth. Not only will we discuss the depth of a 3D object and how it behaves in a space, but we’ll also practice the process of layering vibrant colors to help achieve more depth. Each person will leave with some still life sketches and a watercolor fruit illustration!
--- Please bring sketchbook & one fruit of your own, the rest of the materials are provided for ---

3.) FREESTYLE - Advanced Class
(This is the third of a 3-part class)
*Designed for local artists - a refined class for those with experience in the arts*
A 2.5 hour mixed media class where we will be given the space to freestyle in response to some short sentimental prompts. It’s a shame that college seems to be the only resource where artists can teach and learn among each other, not everyone has that kind of access. So during this class, we will be able to freely express ourselves in a safe environment, share our work with like-minded artists, and give/receive constructive and insightful feedback. Not only will we leave with insight, but a series of drawings about our personal thoughts/experiences (which I highly encourage people to trade with one another)!
--- Please bring a sample of your artwork - could be a finalized piece or a sketch, the rest of the materials are provided for ---
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