The Creator: my own spin on Jimi Hendrix's "Bold as Love" album cover. 
I find that I am habitually creating in a variety of mediums. Building, curating, assembling and making give me this instant satisfaction. So much so, that at times I imagine I have multiple limbs, each functioning differently to form their own creations. This piece is a tribute to all of my triumphs and downfalls to come as a creator and as a free-spirited human in general. The fiery red (my absolute favorite color) resembles the heat beneath me that keeps me focused and determined. The sun behind me gives me light in times of darkness and confusion. The eyes, a common thread in many of my pieces, reminds me to be aware and conscious of my power as an artist. 
Sometimes I take this power that I have as a creator for granted. The Creator is a reminder that my drive to create is a gift I am meant to treasure and share with you all. 
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